How to shop tax free with Easy Tax Free

Do you live outside of the European Union and do you want to shop in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany? Then you are probably eligible to reclaim a big part of the VAT on your purchases. Reclaiming your VAT is easily done using the Easy Tax Free refund service!

If you want to know how this works, continue reading this page. If you still have specific questions, you may find the answers on the FAQ page. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Get your refund

Have you made a purchase at one of our affiliated retailers? Then you can request your refund via the following steps.

Take note:
VAT refunds only apply for purchases of a minimum of €50.- (€25.- for purchases in Germany) and require a Customs stamp (on the receipt) at all times (see step 2).

Easy Tax Free meegeefvouchers

1. Easy Tax Free vouchers

If you shop at a retailer affiliated with Easy Tax Free, they will provide you with a special Easy Tax Free voucher and return envelope. On this voucher you have to fill out your address, passport number, credit card number and e-mail address. This information is required to process your refund, so please make sure your voucher is filled out completely.

Take note: Besides the Easy Tax Free voucher you will also need the receipt to complete your VAT refund request.

Bij de Douane

2. At Customs

When leaving the EU, get your voucher stamped at Customs. You should be able to show your purchase, receipt, passport and the Easy Tax Free voucher. A stamp on your receipt will validate your request. Please note that this must be done within 3 months from the last day of the month of purchase.

At Schiphol Airport Customs is located at Departures 3. Please see our page with additional information for a floorplan of Schiphol Airport containing the locations of Customs and the GWK Travelex desks

Take note: Easy Tax Free cannot provide VAT refunds without a stamp from Customs. Always have your receipt stamped. Also the customs should never take the receipt from you.

3.	Ontvang de teruggave

3. Receive your refund

Easy Tax Free will transfer your refund to a European SEPA bank account or credit card of your choice. When leaving the EU through Schiphol Airport, you can also get your refund in cash at one of the GWK Travelex desks.

Take note: When choosing to receive the refund in cash, GWK Travelex may charge you additional costs.

Refund via credit card

Check whether you filled out the Easy Tax Free voucher completely. Send both the voucher and the original purchase receipt (containing the Customs stamp) to Easy Tax Free using the prepaid return envelope. After we have received your refund request, you will receive the refund on your Visa, Master Card or American Express credit card or on your European SEPA IBAN in approximately 30 days.

Take note: You can send the documents via regular postal services. In case you have not received a return envelope, you can find the return adress on the Easy Tax Free voucher. This is also free of charge.

Refund in cash

Check whether you filled out the Easy Tax Free voucher completely. After your received your stamp from Customs, proceed to a GWK Travelex office to collect your refund in cash. Check our page with additional information for the exact locations.

Take note: GWK Travelex may charge additional costs for handing out cash refunds.

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