Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you can find all the frequently asked questions from and for merchants. Can't you find the awnser to yours? Please contact us!

I am a retailer

Who is entitled to tax free shopping?

Travellers who reside outside the EU have the right to reclaim their VAT refund when they have made a purchase of minimum € 25.- in Germany and € 50.- in The Netherlands & Belgium during the same day at the same shop. The traveller must export the purchase(s) to their home country within three months of the month of purchase. When leaving the EU the traveller must go to Customs to let their receipt get stamped as proof of export.

I am running out of tax refund vouchers. How can I order new vouchers?

You can order new Easy Tax Free vouchers, prepaid return envelopes and other promotional material by sending an email to or place an order by calling us: +31 20 4278 344.


I don’t have any more Easy Tax Free vouchers and there is a traveller in my shop who would like to claim tax refund. What should I do?

Even without Easy Tax Free vouchers, your customer can claim his/her tax refund. Like usual the traveller gets a stamp on this receipt at Customs when Leaving the EU. The stamped receipt can be sent to our Easy Tax Free office by mail, e-mail or WhatsApp. The traveller must add the following information: Fullname, address, email and creditcard number or regular European SEPA IBAN.

How long are the Easy Tax Free vouchers valid?

As long as the receipt is stamped within 3 months following the month of purchase, the Easy Tax Free Voucher remains valid indefinately.


What is the minimum amount for tax refund?

The minimum purchase amount is € 50.- in The Netherlands & Belgium and € 25.- in Germany (these amounts are including VAT) spent in the same day in the same shop.


What does the administration around the tax refund entail?

In the shop: when a traveller makes a purchase in your shop and would like to get a tax refund, you hand out an Easy Tax Free voucher and return envelope.

Invoices: Every two weeks you will receive an invoice, provided that we have received tax refund requests from your international customers. You can check the invoices and pay them, or use our Direct Debit option. We will send a scan of the vouchers we have recieved, as these are proof for tax refund for the Tax Agency. When you fill out your tax returns, you can deduct the VAT from your tax return.

Why do I receive an invoice from Easy Tax Free?

After the Customs office confirms that the traveller has the right to claim the VAT refund, (by a stamp on the receipt), the vouchers are returned to Easy Tax Free. Either the refund has already been received at the GWK Travelex offices or we will refund to the creditcard or IBAN of your non-EU customer. You will receive an invoice from Easy Tax Free, as the VAT has been paid at your shop by the customer and we paid out the refund to the traveller. Easy Tax Free asks you to transfer the VAT of the purchases that have been claimed. You deduct the refunded VAT from your periodic tax return.


How much VAT refund will the traveller receive?

The traveller receives the VAT minus our service fee, depending on the purchase amount. They can easily calculate their exact refund amount online using our refund calculator


Why does the traveller not receive the full VAT amount?

Easy Tax Free asks for a service fee. For this fee the traveller receives the following services:

> an easy way to claim back their VAT

> prepaid return envelopes to send the Easy Tax Free vouchers from all over the world without postal stamps

> possibility to receive the refund in cash at one of the GWK Travelex offices at Schiphol Airport

> Easy Tax Free customer service, for all their questions and comments about tax refund

> receiving the refund (without any deductions or extra costs) on their creditcard or IBAN account

How can I discontinue my Easy Tax Free contract?

Please send us a cancellation letter with the date on which you want the contract to end. We will not process any Easy Tax Free refund requests after this date. The left-over vouchers and envelopes are no longer needed and can be discarded.

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