About us

Easy Tax Free: A small player in the market, yet with a wealth of experience.

Beschrijving van de afbeelding

Made in Holland

Easy Tax Free arose from the need for an easy system for processing VAT refunds to international customers. Because retailers often considered this processing to be time-consuming and complicated, we were the first Dutch party to meet with retailers in 1999. This resulted in beautiful collaborations that still exist today.

From family business to multinationals

Where large providers often ignore small businesses, Easy Tax Free aims to support every retailer in providing the best service; From small specialty boutiques to clothing giants, we want our tax-free service to be accessible to every retailer. This means that our customers only have to focus on what they are best at.

Committed & connected

Over the past 20 years, Easy Tax Free has already processed more than 100,000 VAT refunds for shoppers from all over the world. What started in an attic has now grown into the official partner of over 1000 retailers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. As a growing company, however, we do not lose sight of our goal: making tax-free shopping as easy as possible for the traveller and the shopkeeper in a personal and committed way.

  • Committed & connected

    At Easy Tax Free we think personal and involved collaboration is the key to success. Together we make tax free shopping Easy.

  • Free of charge and without obligations

    For retailers a partnership with Easy Tax Free is free of charge and non-binding. A perfect way to try our service!

  • More happy customers

    Easy Tax Free helps you making excellent service even better. This way satisfied shoppers will keep returning to your store.