How does it work?

As a retailer you want to focus on your customers as much as you can. By handling all administrative work regarding tax free shopping, Easy Tax Free enables you to do so. In the overview below you can find out how this works. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us or look at the page with frequently asked questions.

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Providing tax free shopping

With Easy Tax Free, refunding VAT to your non-EU customers is an easy and simple process.

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1.  In your store

The non-EU customer pays the total amount including VAT in your shop. By handing them an Easy Tax Free voucher and return envelope you enable them to easily reclaim their VAT.

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2.  At Customs

When leaving the EU, your customer has the form stamped by Customs and sends it free of charge to Easy Tax Free. Within 30 days Easy Tax Free pays the VAT refund to your clients credit card or bank account. Is your customer leaving the EU through Schiphol Airport? Then they can also choose to receive their VAT refund in cash.

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3. Your administration

Easy Tax Free will send you an overview of the collected vouchers and invoice you for the VAT amount on these purchases. Using this overview you can deduct paid VAT from your tax return. After all, our service is 100% free.

  • Committed & connected

    At Easy Tax Free we think personal and involved collaboration is the key to success. Together we make tax free shopping Easy.

  • Free of charge and without obligations

    For retailers a partnership with Easy Tax Free is free of charge and non-binding. A perfect way to try our service!

  • More happy customers

    Easy Tax Free helps you making excellent service even better. This way satisfied shoppers will keep returning to your store.