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Tax free Shopping

Whether you want to buy a wedding dress, a new pair of sneakers or a souvenir: shopping gets even better with Easy Tax Free. When the store of your purchases does not offer tax free services yet, please don nott hesitate to contact us. We will then contact the store on your behalf to see if we can get your request processed.

Take note: Stores are not obligated to offer tax free shopping. It is up to retailers themselves whether or not to offer this service to their customers. If a store isn’t interested in a partnership, unfortunately we will not be able to process your request.

Customs stamp

To receive your VAT refund, your request must be validated by Customs. Whether you leave the EU by train, airplane, car or boat: wherever you leave the EU, you can get a stamp from Customs. At Schiphol Airport you can find the Customs desk at Departures 3 (Before you pass security).

In a rush or did you forget to get a stamp when leaving the EU? Please get a Customs stamp in your own country as proof of import. Send your documents to Easy Tax Free, using the envelope provide or send a picture by e-mail or WhatsApp.

Sending your documents

When the Easy Tax Free voucher is filled out completely and stamped by Customs, you can send us the form using the provided envelope. If you have not received this envelope, please send the voucher and receipt to the following address (no postal stamp required):

Easy Tax Free
Int. Antwoordnummer
C.C.R.I. Numero 47003
1070 VB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Your refund in cash

If you would like to receive your refund in cash, this can only be done at the GWK Travelex desks at Schiphol Airport.

Only vouchers with a voucher number (you can find this at the bottom of the page where you fill out your personal information) are eligible for a cash refund. If you have a voucher without a voucher number, please send it together with the stamped receipt to Easy Tax Free.

Calculate your refund

Your refund is the VAT amount minus our service costs. You can easily calculate your exact refund amount using our calculator.

Beschrijving van de afbeelding

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  • Committed & connected

    At Easy Tax Free we think personal and involved collaboration is the key to success. Together we make tax free shopping Easy.

  • Free of charge and without obligations

    For retailers a partnership with Easy Tax Free is free of charge and non-binding. A perfect way to try our service!

  • More happy customers

    Easy Tax Free helps you making excellent service even better. This way satisfied shoppers will keep returning to your store.