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How to fill in the Easy Tax Free form

Fill in your Easy Tax Free form completely and get your refund!

 Fill in your credit card number (only for credit card refunds)

Fill in your name, permanent address and e-mail address

Fill in your passport number and your signature

Don’t forget to get the export validation! Without the Customs stamp the refund is not possible


If you cannot get a stamp in the EU, go to the Customs in your own country to have the form stamped. Then send the completed form together with the original purchase receipt to Easy Tax Free.

Also don’t forget to keep the copy of the form (pink page) until your receive your refund. Or make a picture of the completed form before you send it to Easy Tax Free.

You don’t have an Easy Tax Free prepaid envelop?

Please send the form to the following address (no stamp necessary):

Easy Tax Free
Int. Antwoordnummer
C.C.R.I. Numero 47003
1070 VB Amsterdam
The Netherlands