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How to sell tax free

Proving your international customer with the best tax free shopping experience is this easy!

In the shop

Your international customers purchase the goods including the VAT. Offer your customer tax free shopping by giving them the Easy Tax Free form. Fill in the purchase and refund amount and add the Easy Tax Free prepaid return envelope.

At Customs

When leaving the EU, your customer goes to Customs to show their purchase, receipt and passport. Customs will stamp their Easy Tax Free form as proof of export. The form can be sent to Easy Tax Free with the prepaid return envelope or can be dropped in one of our mailboxes at Schiphol Airport. The Tax will be refunded within 30 days on the customer’s credit card or IBAN bank account.  When leaving the EU from Schiphol Airport, your customer alternatively can get the Tax back in cash at one of the GWK Travelex offices.

You will receive an invoice with an overview of all the Easy Tax Free forms that have been collected. After paying the invoice of the VAT of the tax refund requests, you deduct the refunded VAT from your periodic tax return. In the end, our service does not costs you anything!

Why use the Easy Tax Free tax refund service?



Tax Free shopping?

Your customer is entitled to a Tax refund

> if he or she resides outside the EU

> on purchases of a minimum of € 50,- in the Netherlands

> on purchases of a minimum of € 50,- in Belgium

> on purchases of a minimum of € 25,- in Germany

The terms for VAT refund are:

> the minimum purchase amount must be spent at one shop in one day

> the purchase must be exported outside the EU within 3 months of the month of purchase