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How to shop Tax Free

Reclaiming your VAT is easily done using the Easy Tax Free refund service!

In the shop

Go to a shop with an Easy Tax Free logo. When you make your purchase, ask for an Easy Tax Free form and prepaid return envelope. Fill in your form completely and keep the original receipt of your purchase.

 At Customs

When leaving the EU, go to Customs on the final point of departure. Show your purchase, receipt,  passport and the Easy Tax Free form. After having established your right to reclaim the VAT, the Customs employee will stamp your form.

Receive your refund

Check whether you filled in the Easy Tax Free form completely. Send the form together with the original purchase receipt to Easy Tax Free using the prepaid return envelope. After we have received your refund request, you will receive the refund on your creditcard or IBAN account within 30 days.

Leaving the EU from Schiphol Airport? Then you can get your Tax back in cash at one of the GWK Travelex offices. Check the website of Schiphol Airport for the exact locations. Please note that the refund office may charge a commission for a cash refund.

No time to get a Costums stamp? Or did you forget to step by the Customs office? Then go to Customs in your own country to have the form stamed as proof of import. Then mail the form to Easy Tax Free.



Do you reside outside the EU?

Than you could claim the VAT from purchases with a minimum of

> € 50,- in the Netherlands
> € 125,01 in Belgium
> € 25,- in Germany

The terms for VAT refund are:

> the minimum purchase amount must be spent at one shop in one day

> the purchase must be exported outside the EU within 3 months of the month of purchase